Harmony Purple

Orchestra Group’s mission is to address the major roadblocks hindering integrated, proactive cybersecurity in the digital world. They address the challenges by combining management and operations of IS, IT, Risk and Compliance into a single platform. Harmony – a “policy-as-service” platform provides integrated cyber “management by objectives”, operationally linking compliance, risk and security throughout the organization. Orchestra Group’s innovative sensors and controls fill blind-spots in existing cyber solutions. These can be used on their own or integrated with the Harmony platform.

Harmony Purple enables organization to assess their cyber risks based on asset criticality and advanced analytics. It allows organizations to

  • Invest their time and resource on those Vulnerabilities that threaten its critical assets and business processes by creating an advanced Compensating Controls strategy.
  • Substantially reduce its attack surface with the least amount of time and effort and with the most efficient use of staff resources.