About Us

Our motivation and mission is to make Security Adoption & Absorption easy for organizations. 

“Making Security Simple”, with a Simple Focus on Niche Cyber Security Technologies and the ability to making them be simple for adoption and absorption has been our driving force.

Our motivation and mission are to make Security Adoption & Absorption easy for organizations. The complex security terms scare & confuse the end-user making it difficult for them to identify the right solution which meets their security requirements. This gives rise to GAPS which may result in security breaches or compromise. Cybercrime is growing and with technology evolving daily, Infosec teams find it difficult to cope and be able to identify the right technology sufficing their requirements. We have broken the complex solutions in easy formats that make absorption way by any organization, be it an Enterprise or Government. Our solutions cover Application, Data, Infrastructure Security, and Threat Intelligence and benefit both the Red & Blue Teams. Our team can help them be proactive and share with them various nuances based on their exposure.
Our team’s approach to IT security issues starts by behaving like an adversary or a hacker. This is followed with a joint deep-diving session with the customer helps us to identify the appropriate cybersecurity. We then break the delivery into multiple phases to enable the process to learn, adapt, and modify before moving to the next phase. We don’t just deliver products and solutions; we help you build a strong and resilient cybersecurity platform capable to adapt easily to meet your present and future needs. Our Philosophy to Advice and Deliver Right has enabled us to build a strong trust with our customers. This has made us their trusted partner for their cybersecurity requirements.

Our process is a 4-Way Cyclic and starts with

Discover and Define

Identify, Automate & Modify

Mitigate, Protect and Prevent

Rediscover and Repeat

Our Approach

The Modern world has made life easy, but at the same time, it has also has introduced security risks with the unwanted human presence within corporate networks. Defending yourself is by addressing the main problem that is to behave like the adversary who can gain entry and remain undetected.

We believe in helping you be proactive and shift left by adopting security early and help you defend against these unknown adversaries by providing you the knowledge and tools to be proactive with your networks and applications and neutralize them. Like a Jerquer we search for the Jackdaw and help you secure your Cyberspace. This forms the basis of our comprehensive approach to limiting security exposure.

Discovering The Unkown

The greatest threat to any organization or country is the – State-Sponsored Actor, who has all that he needs to take you down. You name a device, a technology and they have it. They use various tools and techniques to discover, extract information of value by exploiting an unknown vulnerability or an unknown hidden exception like a misconfigured application or network elements. All your network and perimeter security devices like NGN-firewalls, security sensors, Application security firewalls, manual testing, and SIEM’s are no match for them.

Our approach is to help you be proactive, monitor, and test for the unknown before you deploy. We would help you frame your goals and then identify and map the right tools to enable you to be proactive. These technologies would help you to determine how the adversary is likely to infiltrate and what information can they take away.